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personal stuff
Blog of the Lady K
finally saying something
Topic: personal stuff
yay!i get to bitch about my life now!!!well lets parents are still crazy and constantly arguing, i'm still an insomniac,school sucks and i hate a lot of other crap. my mom talks way too loud on the phone and has kept me up for two nights now from doing so, the first night was the once a month night where my body actually tries to sleep...becuase i couldn't sleep my body decided i needed to cry instead.i think thats all the family complaining i'm going to do.

pokemon tv show mocked me this weekend, i hate tight pants lance and guess who shows up....ya......thats what i get for not watching the show for weeks on end.

i think thats it, my brian is dead....i'll go play the so3 game i just got last thursday

lady k

kayra_kitty kayra_kitty at 4:15 PM PDT
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life and death of mind
Topic: personal stuff
well sorry to everyone about not updating and other stuff but my life is getting more and more complicated, i didn't even want to came home today afterschool because i was so stressed/deppressed about how its going.

my parents may finally be getting the divorce they have talked about for like 8 years and my dad is being a real jerk. yesterday i kept coming into my room without knocking to yell at me about my mom, the kitten, the way i was standing up to him and other things, did it 5 times in ten minutes. he keeps treating me like i'm five and can't understand whats going on when everyone i know says i'm more adult than my parents about some of these things.

what sucks most and is really stupid is the fact that he really wants the divorce now that he knows my mom is bipolar. he keeps telling her that my brain is fucked up and that its all her fault, its his if anyones......

finals are also coming up soon and i don't have the best grades in my classes and kinda fear that i'm going to fail them(both classes and finals)so ya.....i'll go wonder off now even though i know no-one has read this, or probably even cares. i just need to let off some steam on someone other than my friends<--is reading don't sweat the small stuff for teens and trying to use something from the book--->

lady k

kayra_kitty kayra_kitty at 4:57 PM PDT
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